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About KLSG

Even though statistical data about lupus in Korea is not currently available, it is believed that approximately one out of 150~200 has lupus-related conditions. Despite of this high number of incident, Lupus is not 'well-known' to public in Korea. Korean Lupus Support Group is a civil non-profit organization to increase the understanding of Lupus-related conditions among patients and their families as well as to facilitate the public recognition and medical research. Korean Lupus Support Group was founded in April 1996 by renowned TV anchor woman, Mi-Hong Jung, who herself lives with lupus.

KLGS's activities include initial non-medical consultation, referral to proper medical facilities to anyone who needs help. KLSG also engages in various fund-raising efforts to increase the public awareness of lupus. KLGS plans to provide (1) 24 hour hot-lines for consultation, (2) job-arrangement for those who are capable and qualified, and (3) consultation for those who do not have easy access to proper medical facilites in rural area.

For more informations about lupus in Korea, please contact:

Phone:    82-02-2285-4546
Address: Byuk-ssan Buld. 11FL.
22-1 Ssang-Ling Dong
Choong Ku, Seoul, Korea

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