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Word of Caution

KLSG welcomes and encourage the visitors of this web-site to actively involved in using this site to find and share information regarding lupus-related issues in Korea; however, the content is not for giving any medical advice or recommendation. The material provided within this site is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only.

The content is to provide the information about KLSG and some other relevant issues, and all the participants in production of this site make no representations with respect to the contents hereof and especially disclaim any other warranties, including but not limited to implied or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular usage, application or process. Even though most of the medical information in this web-site is sited to professional medical journals, it should not replace necessary consultations with qualified health care professionals.

For more informations about lupus in Korea, please contact:

Phone:    82-02-2285-4546
Address: Byuk-ssan Buld. 11FL.
22-1 Ssang-Ling Dong
Choong Ku, Seoul, Korea

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